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Medicine and Nursing
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Women’s History

American Revolution

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Biblical criticism

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Chapel Libraries

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Church and state relationship

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Comparative religion

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Denominational Press

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Family History

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French Revolution

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History and Biography

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International Unitarian Links

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Lay preaching

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Legal issues

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Frederick Sydney Morris and St. Saviourgate Unitarian Chapel, York’ TUHS 26.1 (2015) 145-168

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‘Open Converse’ of Romanticism and Dissent: A Study of Reading, Writing and Critical Practice in Unitarian Literary Communities, 1770-1900 [Dr James’ project explores Dissenting creativity within the wider context of British Romantic and Victorian literature, focussing on Unitarian communities of readers and writers.

She will analyse patterns of reading, writing, and sociability within Unitarian circles of families, friends, and worshippers – to take particular examples, the Aikins, the Johnsons, and the Gaskells – and show how this both reflects, and helps to shape, literary culture from the mid-eighteenth to the close of the nineteenth century.

Using private correspondence and reading-journals alongside poetry, sermons, and periodicals, a complex picture of creative response and exchange will be built up.

Through close examination of allusion and inter-textual echoes, she intends to uncover conversations which stretch across period and genre boundaries. Her aim is, ultimately, to demonstrate how Unitarian writing, and reading, may be understood as a complex force in the shaping of literary culture and the canon.]

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Liturgy and Worship

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Medicine and Nursing

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