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Movements, Missions & Other Groups

Christian Brethren
Domestic Missions
Early English Unitarians
Ethical and Positivist Societies,
The Secular Movement
The Ethical Movement
Free Catholics
General Baptists
Guild of the Good Shepherd
Labour Church
Methodist Unitarians
Van Mission

Christian Brethren

McLachlan, Herbert ‘The Christian Brethren Movement TUHS 2:3 (1921) 65-91

reprinted The Story of a Nonconformist Library (Manchester University Press, 1923) pp.152-183

Domestic Missions

Ash, Reg and Mulhearn, Deborah Christianity, Community & Social Concern: A History of the Liverpool Domestic Mission Society from 1836 (Liverpool: Wordscapes, 2010)

Ash, Reg and Mulhearn, Deborah Changes and Challenges: 2 A Personal History of the Liverpool Domestic Mission Society from 1969-2014 (Liverpool: Wordscapes, 2014) ‘Liverpool Domestic Mission Society [first annual meeting 1838]’ TUHS 6:4 (1938) 387-393

Davis, Valentine David The London Domestic Mission Society … 1835-1935 (1935)

Eliot, Christopher R. ‘Joseph Tuckerman: pioneer in social philanthropy’ Proceedings of the Unitarian Historical Society [USA] 4:1 (1935) 1-32

Fryckstedt, Monica ‘ Mary Barton and the reports of the ministry to the poor: a new source’ Studia Neophilologicai 52 (1980) 333-336

Haynes, Barry Working-class life in Victorian Leicester: the Joseph Dare reports (Leicestershire Libraries and Information Service, 1991) [Joseph Dare was Domestic Missioner in Leicester]

Holt, Anne A ministry to the poor: being the history of the Liverpool Domestic Mission Society, 1836-1936 (Liverpool, H Young, 1936)

McCafferty, W. H. Belfast Domestic Mission, 1853-1953 (1953)

McColgan, Daniel T. Joseph Tuckerman, pioneer in American social work (Catholic University of America Press, Washington, 1940)

Packer, Brian A. ‘The founding of the Liverpool Domestic Mission and its development under the ministry of John Johns’ TUHS 18:2 (1984) 39-53

Perry, Herbert E. A century of liberal religion and philanthropy in Manchester being a history of the Manchester Domestic Mission Society, 1833-1933 (Manchester, H. Rawson & Co, Ltd, 1933)

Ruston, Alan ‘London’s east End Domestic Mission – Spicer Street, Buxton Street and Mansfield Street’ TUHS 21:2 (1996) 117-135

Simey, Margaret B. Charitable effort in Liverpool in the nineteenth century (Liverpool, 1951)

Steers, David ‘The origin and development of the Domestic Mission movement in Liverpool and Manchester’ TUHS 21:2 (1996) 79-103

Wach, Howard M ‘Unitarian philanthropy and cultural hegemony in comparative perspective: Manchester and Boston, 1827-1849’ Journal of Social History 26:3 (Spring 1993) 539-558 [compares Unitarian philanthropy in Manchester UK and Boston USA in relation to the ideas of Joseph Tuckerman]

Wilson, H. G. ‘One hundred years of religious and social work in Birmingham: the Church of the Messiah Domestic Mission’ TUHS 8:3 (1945) 113-121

Early English Unitarians

‘John Cooper the Cheltenham Unitarian’ TUHS 4:2 (1928) 168-171

‘A petition of Rev. John Knowles’ TUHS 5:4 (1934) 425-426

‘The will of John Knowles, Gloucester Unitarian and friend of Henry Hedworth and Thomas Firmin’ TUHS 10:1 (1951) 24-25

Amaru, Betsy Halpern Arminianism in England, 1599-1629 (Ph.D. thesis, University of Massachusetts, 1969)

Barna Jozsef ‘John Biddle’s reception in seventeenth-century Transylvania.

Additions to the history of the connections between English and Hungarian Unitarians (MA thesis, University of Szeged, Hungary, 2000)

Bonet-Maury, Gaston Early sources of English Unitarian Christianity (London, British & Foreign Unitarian Association, 1884)

Burgess, Walter H. ‘John Knowles and Henry Hedworth: seventeenth century Unitarian pioneers’ TUHS 5:1 (1931) 1-16

Cornish, Joseph Life of Mr Thomas Firmin, Citizen of London (1698, Unitarian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge 1791, 1805)

Eyre, Alan The protesters (The Christadelphians, 1975) [a Christadelphian apology]

Florida, Robert E. ‘Stillingfleet: religious liberal and enemy of religious liberalism’

Kaufman, Peter Iver and Lavan, Spencer Alone together: studies in the history of liberal religion (Boston, Beacon Press, 1978)

Florida, R. E. Voltaire and the Socinians studies on Voltaire and the eighteenth century volume 122] (Banbury, The Voltaire Foundation, 1974) [discusses Voltaire’s relationships with Newton, Locke and Samuel Clarke]

Florida, R. E. ‘British law and Socinianism in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries’ in Szczucki, Lech ed. Socinianism and its role in the culture of the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries (Warsaw-Lodz, 1983) pp.201-210

Kot, Stanislas Oddzialywanie Braci Polskich zwanych Socynjanami w Angliji (Warsaw, 1936)

Kot, Stanislas ‘The activities of the Polish Brethren in England’ Reformacja w Polsce 7 (1935-6) 235-44

Kucheman, Clark ‘John Goodwin and John Biddle: rational theology and the transformation of puritanism’ The Proceedings of the Unitarian Historical Society [USA] 13 (1961) 62-74

McLachlan, Herbert ‘New light on an old Unitarian circle [Christopher Crell and friends]’ TUHS 7:3 (1941) 255-268 reprinted in, Herbert Essays and Addresses, (Manchester University Press, 1950) pp. 1-19

McLachlan, Herbert ‘Seventeenth century Unitarian tracts’ TUHS 2:4 (1922) 138-166 [reprinted in

McLachlan, Herbert ‘Seventeenth-century Unitarian tracts’ The Story of a Nonconformist Library (Manchester University Press, 1923) pp.53-87]

McLachlan, H. John ‘The arrest and imprisonment of John Knowles’ TUHS 10:2 (1952) 102-104

McLachlan, H. John ‘John Mapletoft and Thomas Firmin’ TUHS 14:4 (1970) 218-220

McLachlan, H. John Socinianism in seventeenth century England (Oxford University Press, 1951)

Nolan, John Henry Monteith Antitrinitarianism in England from Biddle to the close of the seventeenth century (B.Litt.thesis, University of Oxford, ????) [copy in HMCO Library]

Nye, Stephen A brief history of the Unitarians, called also Socinians: in four letters to a friend (1687)

Ogonowski, Zbigniew Socyianizm a Óswiecenie (Socinianism and the Enlightenment) [the concluding chapters of this book argue, very well, that a major influence exerted by third-generation Socinianism was on the origins of the Enlightenment in England. This is an important argument, for, in many ways, the nature of Unitarianism has been shaped by some important ideas of the Enlightenment. I know that parts of Ogonowski’s last chapter have been translated into French and German, but both of these translations omit the important contexts of the preceding chapters” (John Godbey)]

Ogonowski, Zbigniew ‘Le ‘Christianisme sans mystères” selon John Toland et les Sociniens’ Archiwum Historii Filozfii Spolrcznej 12 (1966) 205-23 Trans. Claire Brendel

Ogonowski, Zbigniew Der Sozianismus und die Aufklërung’ Paul Wrzecionko ed. Reformation und Frühaufklërung in Polen: Studien uber den Sozianismus und seinem Einfluss auf das wester europäsche Denken im 17 Jahrrhundert Göttingen Vandenhoek and Ruiprecht, 1977) 78-156

Trevor-Roper, Hugh ‘The great Tew circle’ [Falkland and his circle section 3 The Socinian tradition] in Catholics, Anglicans and Puritans: seventeenth century essays (University of Chicago Press, 1988)

Walker, D. P. The decline of hell: seventeenth century discussion of eternal torment (London, 1964) [chapter 5 treats Socinians and chapter 6 English Arians]

Wallace, Robert Antitrinitarian biography or sketches of the lives and writings of distinguished Antitrinitarians exhibiting a view of the state of the Unitarian doctrine and worship in the principle nations of Europe, from the Reformation to the close of the seventeenth century to which is prefixed a history of Unitarianism in England during the same period 3 volumes (London, E. T. Whitfield, 1850) [The historical introduction is in volume 1 pp. 1-392. Biographies of early English Unitarians are in volume 3]

Ethical and Positivist Societies

London Positivist Society Papers (British Library of Political and Economic Science, London School of Economics) The Ethical Union: annual reports 1896-1952

Billington, R. Leicester Secular Society, 1852-1920: a study in radicalism and respectability (Dissertation, University of Leicester, 1968)

Blackham, H. J. ‘From Unitarianism to Ethical Humanism: the tradition of South Place Ethical Society London’ New Humanist (Spring 1981) and Religious Humanism 16:2 (Spring 1982) 50-58

Budd, Susan Varieties of unbelief: atheists and agnostics in English society 1850-1960 (London, Heinemann, 1977)

Call, Lon Ray ‘Humanism in England’ Christian Register 112 (14 September 1933) 775

Campbell, C. B. Humanism and the culture if the professions: a study of the rise of the British Humanist movement, 1946-1963 (Ph.D thesis, University of London, 1968)

Cashdollar, Charles D. The transformation of theology: 1830-1890 Positivism and Protestant thought in Britain and America (Princetown University Press, 1989)

Cockshut, A. O. J. The Unbelievers: English Agnostic thought, 1840-1890 (New York University Press, 1966)

Gould, F. J. History of the Leicester Secular Society (Leicester, 1900) Gould, F. J. The pioneers of Johnson’s Court: a history of the R. P. A. [Rationalist Press Association] from 1899 onwards] (Watts, 1935)

Gowans-White, A. The story of the R. P. A. [Rationalist Press Association], 1899-1949 (Watts, 1949)

Holyoake, Austin Secular ceremonies: naming of infants (Austin and Co, 1869)

Holyoake, Austin and Watts, Charles The secularist’s manual of songs and ceremonies (Austin, 1870)

Judge, M. H. The Ethical movement in England (Hampstead, 1902)

Kent, W. London for heretics (Watts and Co, 1932)

MacKillop, Ian The British Ethical Societies (Cambridge University Press, 1986)

McGee, J. E. A crusade for humanity – the history of organized Positivism in England (Watts, 1931)

McGee, J. E. A histroy of the British secular movement (Haldemann-Julius, Girard, Texas, 1947)

Nash, David S. Secularism, art and freedom (Leicester University Press, 1992) [deals Leicester Secular Society, the Gimsons and F. J. Gould]

Ratcliffe, S. K. The story of South Place [Ethical Society] (London, 1955)

Reid, F. ‘Socialist Sunday Schools in Britain 1892-1939’ International review of social history 11:1 (1966) 18-47

Robertson, J. M. History of Freethought in the nineteenth century 2 volumes (Wattes, 1929)

Royle, Edward Victorian infidels: the origins the the British Secularist movement 1791-1866 (Manchester University Press, 1974)

Royle, Edward Radicals, secularists and republicans: popular free thought in Britain 1866-1915 (Manchester University Press, 1980)

Sellers, Ian An experiment in Humanism (1960/61) [an account of Harry Youlden’s Ethical Church Windsor Street, Liverpool. TUHS review 12:3 (1961) 133-4]

Simon, Professor W.M. [has a card index on members of the English Positivist Movement]

Smith, Warren Sylvester The London Heretics 1870- 1914 (London, Constable, 1967)

Spiller, G. The ethical movement in Great Britain: a documentary history (London, 1934)

Stein, Gordon Freethought in the United Kingdom: a descriptive bibliography (Greenwood Press, 1981)

1. The rise and decline of British Deism (1624-1760)
2. From Thomas Paine to the start of the National Secular Society (1760-1860)
3. The Bradlaugh/Besant/Foote era (1860-1915)
4. Freethought after Foote (1915-present)

Appendices on Freethought in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, India, other Commonwealth countries, Library collections on British/Commonwealth Freethought; thesis/dissertations and works in progress in British/Commonwealth Freethought [This is an excellent guide. Section summaries provide a useful history of the Freethought movement]

Tribe, David 100 years of Freethought (Elek, 1967) Wright, T. R. The religion of humanity: the impact of Comtean Positivism on Victorian Britain (Cambridge, University Press, 1986)

The Secular Movement

Archive material

National Secular Society Executive Minute Book 1875-77

Minute Books of the Committee Meetings of the Leicester Secular Society 1874-1944

National Secular Society’s Almanac for 1870-86

Secular Annual 1890-1904

[listed by Budd, Susan Varieties of unbelief: atheists and agnostics in English society 1850-1960 (London, Heinemann, 1977) pp.296-7]


Rationalist Press Association

Archive Material

Minute books and minutes of AGMs and board meetings 1905-65

Annual reports 1901-65

[listed by Budd, Susan Varieties of unbelief: atheists and agnostics in English society 1850-1960 (London, Heinemann, 1977) p.297]


Rationalist Press Association Catalogue of the library of the Rationalist Press Association 5th edition (London, 1937)

“The record of the holdings of this unique library in its field provides the fullest single bibliography and finding-list of the early literature relating to materialism, atheism, freethought, agnosticism, secularism and related topics. Records some 2,000 items, covering Antiquity, Middle Ages and Renaissance, modern period” [Theodore Besterman Bibliography of bibliographies 4:5343]

The Ethical Movement

Archive Material

Ethical Union

minutes of congress 1896-1946; minutes of AGMs 1946-64; minutes of council meetings 1896-1904, 1912-38, 1950-58, minutes of Executive Committee 1923-38, GP Committee 1955-59; Subscription lists 1940-46 [listed by Budd, Susan Varieties of unbelief: atheists and agnostics in English society 1850-1960 (London, Heinemann, 1977) p.297]

Emerson Ethical Brotherhood (Forest Group)

Minutes, annual reports and membership lists 1916-20

Maps and miscellaneous writings

West London Ethical Society

Annual reports 1892-1928

Study circle on comparative religion 1912-13

Secular education league 1907-11

Hampstead Ethical Society

Minutes 1900-26 and records of lectures

Sheffield Ethical Society

Minutes 1903-17, 1921-34

South London Ethical Society 1917-1938

South Place Ethical Society see in list of Unitarian congregations LONDON, Finsbury

[all the above listed by Budd, Susan Varieties of unbelief: atheists and agnostics in English society 1850-1960 (London, Heinemann, 1977) p.296-7]


South Place Magazine 1895 renamed The Monthly Record 1920 –

The Ethical World 1898-1916 [ed. Stanton Coit] renamed Democracy and then Ethics 1901, Ethical Review 1906, Ethical World 1907

The Ethical Church Monthly 1937-45

The Ethical review [Journal of the Hampstead Ethical Institute]

The Ethical Movement 1916-23 renamed Humanist in? 1917

The Ethical Societies Chronicle 1923-39 [ed R.Dimsdale Stocker]

The Plain View 1944-63 [ed. H.J. Blackham]

News and notes 1941 renamed Humanist News 1964

The Postivist Review 1893-1923 renamed Humanity – the Positivist Review 1923


Charles Bradlaugh

Arnstein, W. L. The Bradlaugh case (Oxford University Press, 1965) Benny, J. Bradlaugh and Hyndman: a review and criticism of the recent debate on socialism (Benny, 1884)

Bradlaugh, Charles The autobiography of Mr. Bradlaugh (Austin, 1873) Bradlaugh-Bonner, C. and Bonner, A. Hypatia Bradlaugh-Bonner, the story of her life (Watts, 1942)

Cohen, C. Bradlaugh and Ingersoll (Pioneer Press, 1933)

Gilmour, J. P. ed. Champion of Lioberty: Charles Bradlaugh (Watts, 1933) Mackay, C. R. Life id Charles Bradlaugh, M. P. (Gunn, 1888)

Robertson, J. M. Charles Bradlaugh (Watts, 1920) Tribe, D. President Charles Bradlaugh, M. P. (Elek, 1971)

Stanton Coit 1857-1944

Archives Material

Coit, Stanton My ventures on the highway of truth (mss) [in possession, 1977, of Lady Fleming]

Book of press cuttings [referred to by Susan Budd p.296 but she gives no location]

Books by

Coit, Stanton Ethical Culture as a religion for the people (E. W. Allen, 1887) Coit, Stanton Ethical democracy – essays in social dynamics (Grant Richards, 1900)

Coit, Stanton National idealism and a state church (Williams and Norgate, 1907)

Coit, Stantoned. Social worship for use in families, schools and churches 2 vols (West London Ethical Society, 1913)

Coit, Stanton The message of man: a book of ethical scriptures (London, 1923)

Printed Sources

Blackham, H. J. ed. Stanton Coit, 1857-1944 (Favil Press, 1948)

Richard Congreve

Papers and letters written to Richard Congreve [British Library]

G. W. Foote

Cutner, H. G. W. Foote, his life and times (mss) [in possession, 1977, of National Secular Society]

S. A. Gimson

Gimson, S. A. Random recollections of the Leicester Secular Society Part 1, 11932, part 2, 1935 (mss) [in possession, 1977, of Leicester Secular Society]

F. J. Gould

Nash, David S. ‘F.J. Gould and the Leicester Secular Society: a positive commonwealth in Edwardian politics’ Midland History (1991) 126-40

Frederic Harrison

Eisen, S ‘Frederic Harrison and the religion of humanity’ Southern Atlantic Quarterly 66:4 (1967)

Harrison, A. Frederic Harrison: thoughts and memories (Heinemann, 1926)

Harrison, F. Autobiographical memories 2 vols. (Macmillan, 1911)

George Jacob Holyoake

Papers and letters [Co-operative Union, Manchester]

Papers and letters [Bishopsgate Institute, London]

Collett, S. D. George Jacob Holyoake and modern atheism (Trübner, 1885) [is this Sophia Dobson Collett who wrote biography of Rammohun Roy?]

McCabe, Joseph Life and letters of George Jacob Holyoake 2 volumes (Watts, 1896)

Royle, E. George Jacob Holyoake and the secularist movement in Britian, 1848-1861 (Ph.D thesis, University of Cambridge, 1960)

Joseph McCabe

McCabe, Joseph Eighty years a rebel – an autobiography (Haldemann-Julius, Girad, Kansas, 1947)

McCabe, Jossph From Rome to rationalsism: or, why I left the church (Watts, 1896)

Gustav Spiller 1864-1940

Spiller, V. ed. Gustav Spiller, 1864-1940 (Barking, 1940)

Free Catholics

Findlow, Bruce ‘The Free Catholic movement’ TUHS 11:4 (1958) 147-162

Peaston, A. Elliott The Prayer Book tradition in the Free Churches (London, James Clarke and Co. Ltd., 1964) [chapter 12 deals with the Free Catholics liturgical experiments]

General Baptists

Minutes of the East Kent General Baptist Association, 1717-1734 [DWL MS 38.79a]

Minutes of the quarterly meetings of the East Kent General Baptist churches, 1780-87 [DWL MS 38.72]

Minutes of the Kent and Sussex General Baptist Association (founded 1708), 1708-299; 1714-60 [DWL MS 38.83]

Minutes of the meetings of the General Baptist churches in and about East and West Kent, 1768-1819 [DWL MS 38.79b]

Baines, Arnold H. J. The signatories of the orthodox confession [referred to by Bainses in his introduction to Campion, L.G. The General Baptist Church of Berkhamstead, Chesham and Tring]

Brinkworth, J. A. [ Saffron Walden] (1907-9) pp.4+4 [UHS15]

Buffard, F. Kent and Sussex Baptist Associations (1964) Burgess, Walter H. John Smith the Se-Baptist, Thomas Helwys and the first Baptist church in England with fresh light upon the Pilgrim Father’s Church (London, James Clarke and Co, 1911)

Caffyn, John Sussex believers: baptist marriage in the 17th and 18th centuries (Churchman Publishing, 1988)

Champion, L. G. The General Baptist Church of Berkhamsted, Chesham and Tring 1712-1781 (Baptist Historical Society, 1985) [“Church Book of Disciplinary”]

Creasey, John and Maguire, Leonard J. trs. The General Baptist Church meeting in and about Canterbury Church Book 1660 to 1695 (London, General Baptist Assembly, 1992) [Occasional Paper 18]

Crosby, R. The history of the English Baptists from the Reformation to the beginning of the reign of George I 4 volumes (1738-40)

Evans, George Eyre Antiquarian Notes (1898-1905) pp.2t5-8, 39-40, 46-7 [General Baptist Academy 1794-1820]

Davis, John F. ‘Joan of Kent, Lollardy and the English Reformation’ Journal of Ecclesiastical History 33 (1982) 225-33

Davis, John F. Heresy and reformation in the south east of England 1520-1559 (London, Royal Historical Society, 1983)

Depperman, Klaus Melchior Hoffman: social unrest and apocalyptic visions in the age of Reformation ET (Edinburgh, T & T Clark, 1987) [Matthew Caffyn was accused of being a Hoffmanite]

Edwards, Thomas Gangaena (1646) [Goldsmith, M. M. and Roots, Ivan ed. facsimile edition, Rota Press, Exeter, 1977]

Hooper, T. R. A Surrey and Sussex Border Church: reminiscences of old-time Baptist Assemblies at Turner’s Hill, Horley, and District 1650 to 1840. With a short history of the General Baptists (Stanley L. Hunt, Rushden Northamptonshire, 1925)

Horst, Irvin Buckwalter Radical Brethren: Anabaptism and the English Reformation to 1558 (Nieuwkoop, B. De Graaf, 1972)

Kensett, Emily ‘Meadrow Chapel, Godalming’ The Inquirer (1900) 573-4, 579-80. 602-3

Kleiver, Lonnie D. ‘General Baptist origins: the question of Anabaptist influence’ The Mennonite Quarterly Review 36(1962) 291-321

Larsen, Timothy ‘”How many sisters make a brotherhood?” A case study in gender and ecclesiology in early nineteenth-century English Dissent’ Journal of Ecclesiastical History 49:2 (April 1998) 282-292

Maguire, Leornard J. trs. Ditchling: the Old Meeting House Volume 1 Church memorandum Books 1753-1894 (1977); Volume 2 Registers and monyumental inscriptions (1978); Volume 3 Trust deeds (1979)

Maguire, Leonard J. trs. Horsham: The General Baptist Meeting House Volume 1

Registers and Memorial inscriptions (1981); Volume 2 (1982) Maguire, Leonard J. ed. The ‘Browne’ American letters 1794-1831 being a transcription of a group of letters by James Browne, his relatives and friends to and from America (London. General Baptist Assembly, 1987)

Maguire, Leonard J. ed., Burgess, Douglas S. and Burgess, Peter M. transcribers. The journal and correspondence of John Burgess from 1785 to 1819 (Privately published, 1982)

Maguire, Leonard J. trs. [Diary of Peter Kensett 1819-1844] (Privately printed) Maguire, Leonard J. trs. The church book of Tunbridge Wells; a transcription of the church book of Speldhurst and Pembury (later Tunbridge Wells) (1998 Leonard J.

Maguire for The General Baptist Assembly, 1998) Maguire, Leonard J. ed. The General Baptist Church and its meeting house in Swansea West Glamorgan London, General Baptist Assembly, 1988) [Occasional Paper 6]

[Maguire, Leonard ed.] The General Baptist Church and its Meeting House at Chatham, Kent : a transcription of the Church Book covering the period 1801-1849 (London, General Baptist Assembly, 1988)

Maguire, Leonard. J. tr. A transcription of the early records relating to The Old Meeting House Ditchling, Sussex volume 1 A Memorandum Book. [1753-1866] (Privately printed, 1976)

Maguire, Leonard J. ed. A history of the General Baptist Church meeting at Dover Kent (now commonly known as the Unitarian Church) by Benjamin Marten 1902 (London, General Baptist Assembly, 1992) [Occasional Paper 16]

Maguire, Leonard J. trs Newport IOW: The Protestant Dissenting Meeting House PRO births register 1739-1837 (1982)

Maguire, Leonard J. trs. Canterbury: Blackfriars General Baptist Church Abstracts from the PRO registers of births and burials 1780-1836 (? 1984)

Maguire, Leonard J. trs. Canterbury: Blackfriars General Baptist Church A transcription of the Church Book 1711-1721(????)

Maguire, Leonard J. trs. Chatham: the General Baptist Church A transcription of the PRO births and burial registers 1700-1837 together with the sexton’s burial register to 1854 (? 1988)

Maguire, Leonard J. trs. Chatham: the General Baptist Church Title deeds to the Meeting House (? 1988)

Maguire, Leonard trs. Cuckfield GB Church trust deeds London, General Baptist Assembly, (???) [Occasional Paper 2]

Maguire, Leonard J. trs. Portsmouth: The General Baptist Church: a transcription of the PRO births and burials register 1785-1836 (1984)

Maguire, Leonard J. trs. Portsmouth: The General Baptist Church: the charity of John Brent for the minister and others: abstracts from the 1792 trust deed (1988)

Maguire, Leonard J. Billingshurst: The general Baptist Meeting House: composite register of deaths and monumental inscriptions (October 1985)

Maguire, Leonard J. Wivelsfield [GB now orthodox]: the Church Book1763-1817 to which is annexed the PRO register of births and burials to 1837i (1984) Mills, H. L. ‘Baptists in the Weald’ Baptist Quarterly 2 (????) 374-84

Murch, Jerom A history of the Presbyterian and General Baptist churches in the west of England with memoirs of some of their pastors (London, 1835)

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Sellers, Ian ‘The Old General Baptists, 1811-1915’ Baptist Quarterly 24:1-2 (date) 30-41, 74-87

Starr Baptist Bibliography [entries for Matthew Caffyn, Elhanan Winchester, William Vidler, Richard Wright and others]

Taylor, Arthur F. The Free Churches of Canterbury: a sketch of their history and of their relation to one another (1932) [General Baptists pp.5-19]

Underhill, E. B. Records of the Churches of Christ gathered at Fenstanton, Warboys and Hexham 1644-1720 (Hanserd Knollys Society, 1854)

Underwood, T. L. Primitivism, radicalism, and the Lamb’s War: the Baptist-Quaker conflict in seventeenth-century England (Oxford, 1997) [for information on the involvement of Matthew Caffyn and other Kent and Sussex General Baptists]

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Whitley, W. T. Minutes of the General Baptist Assembly of the General Baptist Churches in England with kindred records 2 volumes1654-1728, 1731-1811 (London 1908)

Whitley, W. T. The Baptists of London1612-1928: their fellowships, their expansion, with notes on their 850 churches (London, the Kingsgate Press, n.d)

Worsdell, George Henry A history of Rushall General Baptist Church (London, General Baptist Assembly, 1986) [Occasional Paper 1]

Guild of the Good Shepherd

Phelan, Margaret ‘The Guild Movement’ TUHS 16:3 (1977) 137-139

Labour Church

Bevir, Mark ‘Labour churches and ethical socialism’ History Today (April 1997) Hobsawm, E. Primitive rebels (Manchester University Press, 1959) [chapter 8]

Inglis, K. S. ‘The Labour Church movement’ International Review of Social History 3:3 (1958)

Inglis, K.S. Churches and the working class in Victorian England (London, Routledge, 1963) [chapter 6]

Sellers, Ian ‘Unitarians and the Labour Church movement’ TUHS 12:1 (1959) 1-6

Smith, Leonard John Trevor and the Labour Church movement (M.A.thesis, CNAA, Huddersfield Polytechnic, 1986)

Summers, D. F. The Labour Church and allied movements of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (Ph.D. thesis, University of Edinburgh, 1958)

Turner, Jacqueline The soul of the Labour Movement: rediscovering the Labour Church 1891-1914 (Ph.D thesis, University of Reading, 2010)

[in the 1960s a Rev. G. W. Brassington of Grayrigg, Kendal was reported as writing a biography of John Trevor, but died prematurely and his papers are deposited at University of Warwick Modern Records Centre]

Methodist Unitarians

Ashworth, John Ten letters, giving an account of the rise and progress of the Unitarian doctrine at Rochdale, Newchurch-in-Rossendale, and other places formerly in connection with the late Joseph Cooke (Rochdale, 1817) Fielden, Keith trs. and ed. Caleb’s letters: fifty newly discovered letters written by a Todmorden Methodist to his son and family, describing events in Todmorden during the period 1799-1814 (London, published by the author, 1994) [contemporary view of Joseph Cooke by local Methodists]

McLachlan, Herbert The Methodist Unitarian Movement (Manchester, 1919)

McLachlan, Herbert ‘Methodist Unitarians and the beginning of Co-operation in Rochdale, 1844’

McLachlan, Herbert Essays and Addresses, (Manchester University Press, 1950) pp. 213-229

McLachlan, Herbert ‘John Ashworth 1779-1851’ TUHS 10:2 (1952) 105-106

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Ruston, Alan ‘New light on Joseph Cooke’ 205-212 TUHS 21:3 (1997)


Christodoulou, Joan ‘The Freethinking Christians and the millennium’ The London Journal 14:2 (1989)

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