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The following external links may be of interest to those wishing to know more about some aspects of the history of Unitarian and related groups.

Faith and Freedom
A journal of progressive religion that frequently carries article relating to aspects of Unitarian history.

Dictionary of Unitarian Universalist Biography
A very useful site maintained by the Unitarian Universalist Historical Society (USA) containing biographies of many Unitarians from the USA, Britain, Ireland and around the world.

Our Unitarian Heritage
Online version of the full text of Earl Morse Wilbur's classic history of Unitarianism first published in 1925. The site is maintained by Starr King School for the Ministry.

Michael Servetus Institute
Spanish website dedicated to the study of the life and works of Michael Servetus, the sixteenth century Unitarian martyr.

Hibbert Assembly
Material provided by the Hibbert Trust on topics for school assemblies, including many historical pieces.

HIstory of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland
A history of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland written by David Steers.

Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland (NSPCI)
A short history of the NSPCI originally written in 1964.

Centenary of Joseph Priestley
'An illustrated handbook of the Presbyterian, Unitarian, and other liberal Christian churches in the Midlands with a short life of Dr Priestley'. First published in 1904.

Nordic Unitarianism
A short guide to Unitarianism in Nordic countries.

The Ecclesiastical History Society
The Ecclesiastical History Society aims to foster interest in, and to advance the study of, all areas of the history of the Christian Churches.

Association of Denominational Historical Societies and Cognate Libraries
An association which encourages co-operation between various historical societies and libraries concerned with the history of nonconformity and dissent.

Historical Unitarian Publications
The website of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches now maintains a Document Library containing a variety of Unitarian publications (including many Essex Hall lectures) ranging in date from 1812 to 2012.

Welsh Unitarianism
Brief chronological histories compiled by Keith L. Lewis-Jones
South Wales District:
South East Wales District:

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